Taking myself seriously

I spent the majority of Thursday in transit.  A 3.5 hour flight to Toronto and a long drive into cottage country.  Bancroft.  When I travel, I make it a game of sorts, especially when I’m flying, to pack as light as possible.  So I’m not really sure why I chose to pack two pairs of running shoes, along with the pair I wore on the flight.

Maybe it’s because I take my sport seriously.  I’m beginning to, anyway.  I think the trick is to have a big red circle on the calendar.  It creates a context for the day-to-day.  I have about 4 more training runs, ranging from 30 to 90 minutes.  Those become the first thing to get slotted into my schedule.  And my family, who I’m visiting while in Ontario, are surprisingly supportive. Not that they’d be unsupportive, I’m just not used to people understanding my obsessions.

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